Baculovirus Surface Display

The aim of this work was to establish an efficient method for the generation of a surface display library by using the baculoviral gene expression system. The selected target proteins were so-called Fcab molecules, which are antibody Fc-fragments with an antigen binding site engineered in their CH3 domains loops. Our strategy was to combine optimized surface display vectors1 with an in vitro recombination system providing sufficient library size and diversity. Viral vectors were designed to express and display Fcab on the surface of insect and mammalian cells2 from the same construct. Therefore the Fcab was fused to the membrane anchorage domain of Influenza A neuraminidase, controlled by a dual promoter system. Surface expression was confirmed by FACS analysis. Correct folding and d...

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Genetic engineering of lactic acid bacteria (LAB)

LAB are, due to their usually rich natural environment, organisms of large metabolic constraints. To get over these restrictions and to benefit on the advantages of these bacteria (very good secretion performance, generally regarded as safe status), transfer-vectors to genetically modify these organisms are constructed. Our objectives are production of different recombinant proteins or metabolites of interest or to broaden the bacteria’s ability to degrade different organic materials.

Antibiotic Free Plasmid Selection

Any plasmid designed should contain elements required for maintenance and propagation in the bacterial host and for expression of the target gene in the human or animal host. The primary elements required for bacterial propagation include the origin of replication and any plasmid-encoded functions (e.g. RNA I/RNAII sequences in ColE1-type replic...

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Biodegradation of Fumonisins

Fumonisins are a group of mycotoxins produced mainly by the phytopathogenic filamentous fungi Fusarium verticillioides and Fusarium proliferatum. They frequently contaminate corn and corn based products and cause, ingested with food or feed, several s...

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Influenza Vaccine Design

Recent outbreaks of swine-origin pandemic H1N1 Influenza A (Schweinegrippe, pandemische H1N1 Influenza, neue Grippe) highlight the importance of rapid and sufficient supply for pandemic and inter-pandemic vaccines. Conventional dead virus vaccines are produced ...

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