Sophia Hagen

  • Academic degree: Bakk. techn. MSc.
  • Date of birth: 18.11.1986
  • Place of birth: Taipei/Taiwan
  • Citizenship: Austrian
  • Now @ SOIA.at



  • March 2012 to present : Diploma thesis at the University of Applied Life Sciences Vienna: "Elucidation of function of two genes from Lactobacillus buchneri, aldA and lpo"
  • 2005-2011 : University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna, Bachelor of Food Science and Biotechnology
  • 2005: matriculation at BORG3, highschool W@lz Vienna



  • August 2011-October 2011: IgA purification from goat milk, at Institute of Applied Microbiology (IAM) BOKU Vienna with  Asscoc. Prof.Dipl.Ing.Prof. Rainer Hahn
  • July 2008-September 2008: Internship at the laboratory of Vilanculo Hospital (Mozambique), CD4 count, Malaria, HIV and Syphilis testing